My Experience, My Passion

I have been involved with horses since my early teens (yes, that was 40 years ago!). I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis before I was 3 years old, and was quite impaired as a child and teen. I had moderate disability due to RA and began riding when I was 12. I began riding and learning with an intense passion. At 17, I had my first of numerous orthopedic surgeries and joint replacements. I tell you this since my journey was quite painful and difficult. I've learned some creative approaches to adapt for my own riding as well as working with students that also need a creative approaches to overcome their individual challenges.

Today, I'm healthier than ever. I'm actively training and competing my horses, I continue my training as a student of Michelle LaBarre, and compete in the Arabian horse show circuit as well as USEF/USDF licensed dressage competitions.

I have a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a Masters in health administration. I work full time at a large area hospital. I have a passion for horse and human bio-mechanics and continually learning to be a better athlete while helping horses be their best. 

In 2020, I invested in PEMF technology for both horses and humans. I've completed my training as a level 2 practitioner through both Pulse Equine and Pulse Centers (for people). I use PEMF regularly; it's remarkable what PEMF has done for my health. I encourage you to reach out for a free trial for what PEMF can do for you and schedule a session for your horse.

Also in 2020, I completed the USDF Part 1 L-judge training program; this was especially challenging during the pandemic. This intensive training program provides trainers, instructors, competitors and spectators' insight into the evaluative techniques of judging dressage. In 2022, my goal is to continue my dressage education, earn my competition scores needed the USDF Bronze Medal and qualify for the USDF Part 2 L-judge program in 2022. Additionally, I was recently classified by USEF as a Grade 5 for Para Dressage. I expect to debut in Para Dressage in 2022.  

2022 Update:

I'm excited to report that I recently earned by USDF Bronze Medal in June, and in May successfully competed in Para Dressage, Grade V Individual and Team tests, with all scores above 60%.

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